WHO WE ARE : Yoga For Firefighters In Nj


What if I can’t touch my toes?

Broga® yoga for firefighters in nj was created in 2009 and while it was built with the foundation of yoga, it takes on an athletic lead, integrating functional movements and high-intensity interval training

The practice intends to fill a gap in the yoga studio where classes mostly include female participants and moves require deep bending, twisting, and binding

Operation Broga® is a class made for those who serve (EMTs, firefighters, policemen, truckers, etc.) who want to enjoy the benefits of yoga (gained flexibility, great workout, reduction of trauma, reduced blood pressure, etc.) in an easy-going, enjoyable atmosphere

yoga for firefighters in nj


Tactical Stretching & Strengthening

Operation Broga® is an online wellness and fitness alternative to costly traditional yoga practices, that can be perceived as unrelatable or unmasculine. There is no “Om”, mantras, Sanskrit or other “eye-rolling” language. Broga brings the traditional benefits of yoga to you in a fun, relatable and accessible way.



Music is a unique part of Operation Broga® brought to you first-hand by your trained violinist and instructor Maggie. While your ordinary yoga class offers ethereal music, this class brings you a range of sounds from soft rock and roll to country to folk. Instead of soothing you to sleep, this music will have you rocking out like Bruce Springsteen.



Breathwork is an effective and transformative practice that helps cultivate self-awareness, relaxation, and clarity. Broga® offers a variety of breathwork techniques that are helpful to your everyday life. Whether you’re weightlifting on your downtime or taking care of a difficult patient while at work, you’ll have breathwork tools in your pocket to pull out any time