MEET OUR TEACHERS : Yoga For Firefighters In Nj

yoga for firefighters in nj



I suffered a traumatic event twenty years ago. After years of meetings with therapists, being on prescriptions for depression, and suffering from a painful case of Sciatica, it was suggested that I try yoga. At the time, my impression of yoga was that it was snobby, with mystical language and music, and they would make me sit like a child in church. When I came across a Groupon offer for a hot yoga class.  I saw it as a sign and on an already hot and sticky New Jersey summer day, I stumbled (literally) into that class twelve years ago. While miserable during the class, I had felt a calm and peacefulness wash over me that I had never experienced before. I was in!


A few years after I became certified to teach yoga, I was teaching at a weightlifting gym. I discovered that the members there had the same apprehension that I had once felt about yoga for firefighters in nj. I saw a need for a different type of yoga for these potential students and Broga® was the answer.

Broga® appeals to men and women who haven’t tried yoga or don’t like traditional yoga. While it is centered around basic yoga principles of breathwork and movement, it emphasizes regular language and modifications to address physical limitations. Additionally, music is a powerful and motivating force. My classes incorporate a wide range of music from country to folk and soft rock and roll.